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17 march / 2020


In accordance with the directive of the Government of the Russian Federation on introducing temporary restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens to the Russian Federation in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 the Visa section stopped accepting visa applications for the purpose of tourism. 

It is currently possible to request the following types of visas:
1. Business visas for:

  • Persons involved in the maintenance of equipment.
  • Persons entering the Russian Federation for treatment.
2. Private Visas for:
  • close family members (spouses, parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children), legal guardians of Russian citizens, on the condition that they present the documents proving the degree of relationship.
  • Persons who enter the Russian Federation to visit close relatives who are sick on the condition that they present documents issued by a medical institution confirming their condition and the documents proving the degree of relationship.
3. Work visas for: 
  • highly qualified specialists (on the basis of electronic Invitation done by the Inviting party in Russia through the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation).
4. Diplomatic, official visas.

The entry into the Russian Federation of foreign citizens is temporarily restricted from March 18, 2020, indefinitely until further notice. 

List of countries with which the Russian Federation resumed international flights:

— Abkhazia
— Azerbaijan
— Armenia
— Belarus
— Georgia
— the United Kingdom 
— Vietnam
— Greece
— Egypt
— Finland
— India
— Kazakhstan
— Kyrgyzstan
— Qatar
— the Republic of Cuba
— the Republic of Maldives
— the UAE
— Seychelles
— Serbia
— Singapore
— Tanzania
— Turkey
— Switzerland
— the Republic of Korea (but during the pandemic a visa-free travel is temporarily cancelled)
— Ethiopia
— Japan

Visas of all categories shall be issued only to citizens of these countries by Russian consulates in the above-mentioned countries (if there is no visa waiver agreement), as well as to persons who have a residence permit or any other document proving the right of permanent residence there. 

Entry to the Russian Federation of other foreign citizens is restricted until further notice. For more information please visit the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

 All queries should be sent to: rus.wltvisa.nz@gmail.com